Are You Shipping a Car?

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In this current economic climate, a lot of foreign nationals and students are returning home or moving onto more lucrative job markets and countries with cheaper and better value for living and need to take their personal effects with them. Personal effects is another word for personal belongings, household goods, furniture and even excess baggage. For the latter, most people use freight forwarders to move their excess baggage rather than be charged very high rates by the airlines if they carry the excess baggage with them.

When they are deciding to move, they must go 미국배송대행 looking for a personal effects shipping company that meets all their shipping requirements to move their goods back home. Once they have found the right company that can offer them the best balance of cost, speed and reliability, they should take into consideration of what the company can provide their shipment with and insurance is one of them. Insurance is automatically covered by not the shipping company, but the shipping line. However, this does not include personal effects as they are not professionally packed. So when you are shipping personal effects you will have to arrange your own insurance and supply this to the shipping company so they can get all the necessary documents set for your shipment. Other things to consider are if the shipping company are providing your shipment with secured industrial wrapping and the palletising of their goods. Palletising of personal effects is only needed when going by the sea route.

The shipping company usually provides you with two to three modes of transport depending on the size of your shipment. These modes of transport are air, sea/ocean and road freight. If you have a small shipment for example, a small bag weighing at 32kgs then your best option would be air freight in terms of cost. Air freight is also the quickest option as the transit time is usually only 4 or 5 days for the most common destinations in the world. The second option is ocean and sea freight and most people who want to ship approximately 5 suitcases would take this option as it is based per cubic metre and works out a lot cheaper than air freight. The transit time for sea freight depends on the shipment origin and destination. The third option is road freight and this is the most common for people wanting to ship home their personal effects from a European country to another.

After deciding what mode of transport is best for your shipment and have gathered all the necessary documentation then you are ready to ship. Unlike the USA or Australia, most companies in Europe would require a bank transfer before your personal goods are shipped. After a few weeks of your goods being shipped you will receive a bill of lading from the shipping company and this is required for you to collect your goods from the local agent in the proposed destination. The bill of lading is basically proof to show that these personal effects belong to you and you have paid all charges as far as Quayside. Once you have provided the bill of lading to the local agent you will be required to pay local customs and handling charges. Once you have paid these you are now free to collect your goods